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Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machines
Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machines
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Erichsen Testing Machines, Single, Double Disc Polishing Machines, Spring Testing Machines, Manufacturer, Pune, India

Single Disc Polishing Machines

• Disc - size - 200 / 300 mm
• Variable speed 0 to 1000 rpm
• 3 phase / 3000 rpm model available
• Water in and Drain
• Easy change cover of disc
• Belt drive
• Corrosion resistant basin
• Two / Three disc models available
Double Disc Polishing Machines Double Disc Polishing Machines

• Pedestals stand for single, Double and three disc Polishers with   storage
• Cast iron disc
• Digital rpm meters
• Automatic polishing attachment with digital timer
• Extra cloth Holding spring
• Extra paper Holding ring
• Hot air drier blower

Spring Testing Machine
For Online and Offline Testing of Springs
Spring Testing Machine
Erichsen Testing Machine

Erichsen tester is designed to carry out Erichsen Cupping test on metals. Quick clamping and manual facilitates faster and trouble free working of the machine.

• Width of sample - 70-90 mm
• Thickness of sample - 0.1-2 mm
• Least count - 0.01 mm
• Overall Dimension 450 x 500 x 500 mm
• Net weight - 20 kg
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