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Honing Machines ( Manual / Automatic)

Manual Honing Machines

Manual Honing Machines - MHM - 555
• Modula capacity in size.
• Idle for small as well as mass production.
• High Geomatrical accuracy & production
• Unskilled operator cab operate with less operator fatigue.
• Easy & Smoot operation
• Hone pressure can adjust by knob.
• Feed knob is provided to vary cut during honing process.
• Stroking - Manually.
• ID range ø 5 mm to ø 55 mm
• Maximum Honing length 150 mm.
• Spindel spped - 3 (500, 800, 1200) RPM
• Motive Power : 1 H.P. 3 Phase
• Tank capacity - 25 ltr.
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