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Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes

Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes

Objectives - Plan achromatic DIN size flat filed metallurgical corrected & antimould fungus objectives M5X, M10X, M20X, M40X
Eye Pieces - Wide field DIN Eye pieces HKW10X & WF20X with eye guard.
Magnification - 50x to 800x Standard dry magnification for vasual observation
Mechanical Stage - Built in graduated stage size 150 x 160mm having 30 x 30mm orthogonal moments.
Photo Mechanisum - Built in optical path selector 4X Photo
tube for 35mm camera is included.

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes

Observation head - Binocular equipped with 45* inclined observation tube
Stage - Built in graduated mechanical stage of size 153 x 120mm
Illuminator - Bright field vertical illuminator 6 volt - 20 w halogen with aperture diaphragm, filter solts bulb centering machinism
Objective - Flat Filed achromatics M4X-M 10x and M40 xsl
Magnafication - 40x to 600x
Eyepeiece - Wide filed 10x and H15x

Tool Makers Microscope
Imported Metellurgical Microscope
Tool  Makers Microscope
Profile Projector Profile Projector

• Magnification - 10x (Standard)
• Screen Diameter - 300mm
• Field of view - 30mm
• Working distance - surface 65mm
• Illumination - contour illuminitor 24 Volt / 150 w (Halogen)
• Surfacr illuminator - 12 volt / 100w
• Cooling - bilt in noise less & vibration free cooling fan
• Cross Travel stage - size 150 x 150mm
• Microhead Standard - 0 to 25 mm
• Optional accessories - power supply cord, vinyl cover, fuse, bulb,    operating manual

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